30 Medium Length Hairstyles Blonde Ideas to Try in 2024

by Zoe Scott
Mid-Length Blonde Hairstyles

Let’s talk medium-length hair—arguably one of the most versatile looks you can choose. In this post, we’re diving into the best cuts, styles, and maintenance tips to keep your tresses looking salon-fresh. We’re covering everything from effortlessly beachy waves to sleek, straight styles. And let me tell you, as someone who’s tried everything under the sun, a little texture can make all the difference for medium-length hair. So, grab your styling tools, and let’s get into it!

The Unbeatable Textured Lob

Textured Blunt Lob
@latesthair via Instagram

Okay, let’s kick things off with the textured long bob, the Lob. This is the cut I swear by when I want to feel effortlessly chic. It’s like the little black dress of haircuts—always in style and suitable for almost any occasion. Want to keep it casual for brunch? Tousled hair works like a charm. Night out on the town? Add a few loose curls, and you’re golden.

Curl it Up: Layered Curls.

Layered Curls
@oliviacalabio via Instagram

We’ve all been there—curls that form an unfortunate triangle shape. Ugh, am I right? Layering your curls is the ultimate game-changer. Think of it like contouring for your hair; it adds depth and definition. And yes, it’s party-ready 24/7!

The Boss Babe: Blunt Collarbone Cut

Blunt Collarbone Cut
@donovanmillshair via Instagram

Whenever I’m in a “take charge” mood, this is the cut I’m fantasizing about. It screams confidence and pairs well with, let’s say, a Venti Starbucks latte. It’s so crisp and precise that you can’t help but feel like you’re on top of the world.

Show-Stopping Shoulder-Grazing Curls

Shoulder-Grazing Curls
@gorgius_official via Instagram

Do you want drama without the fuss? These curls are your go-to. Add layers and a shorter length to keep things interesting. Throw in some highlights, and boom—you’re electric, darling!

The Timeless Classic: Vintage Curtain Bangs

Vintage Curtain Bangs
@chelseahaircutters via Instagram

Ah, the curtain bangs—my ultimate favorite. It’s like a soft frame for your face. Think of it as the Bardot of bangs, flirty and classic all at once.

Elegance in Simplicity: Soft Shoulder Cut

Soft Shoulder Cut
@rachelwstylist via Instagram

Sometimes, less is more. A soft shoulder cut with long layers is your ticket to that elegant, blown-out look. It’s the cut you want when you’re going for that “I woke up like this” vibe.

Ride the Waves: Soft Layered Waves

Soft Layered Waves
@dafnebeautylounge via Instagram

Waves are the yoga pants of hairstyles—comfortable, versatile, and always in style. Long layers give your hair movement, and a spritz of lightweight hairspray keeps everything in place.

Dramatic Flair: Long Curtained Cut

Long Curtained Cut
@yukistylist via Instagram

See this cut? It’s why you’ll impulsively call your stylist for a next-day appointment. Curtain bangs are the stars here, and trust me, they’re worth the hype.

Full-bodied Fun: Layered Curly Lob

Layered Curly Lob
@slickback_buttahtoast via Instagram

If your curls are feeling a little “blah,” you’ve got to try this. Layers create volume without making you feel like a fluffball. Your curls will thank you.

The New Classic: A-Line Lob

A-Line Lob
@ayliness_ via Instagram

Why not go for an A-line cut if you’re considering updating your Lob? It’s sleek in the back and longer in the front, giving you that modern yet timeless look.

No Fuss Elegance: Blunt Shoulder Cut

Blunt Shoulder Cut
@yukistylist via Instagram

If you’re not ready for a drastic change, a shoulder-length blunt cut has your name written all over it. Add some spunk with an edgy color, like platinum blonde. It’s like a bit of rebellion without going whole punk rock.

Retro Vibes: Shaggy Mid-Length Cut

Shaggy Mid-Length Cut
@chrisjones_hair via Instagram

Who says shaggy cuts are stuck in the past? Pair this with thick hair; you’ve got a timeless beauty. Plus, puppies and hot biscuits—what’s not to love?

The Fashion-Forward: A-Line Shoulder Cut

A-Line Shoulder Cut
@monroedelsolehair via Instagram

If Miranda Priestly were to approve a haircut, it would be this. It’s not just a cut; it’s a statement. The exaggerated angle is a head-turner, for sure.

Free Spirit: Windswept Mid-Length Cut

Windswept Mid-Length Cut
@styledbylizsustaita via Instagram

For my boho beauties, this one’s for you. It’s layered, textured, and gives that “just walked on the beach” feel. Plus, the layers add extra body—perfect for thinner hair.

Switch it Up: Deep Side-Part Lob

Deep Side-Part Lob
@styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple part change to breathe new life into your look. Trust me, a deep side part is more transformative than you think. You’ll feel like a whole new you!

The Comeback Kid: Short Sideswept Bangs

Short Sideswept Bangs
@hirohair via Instagram

Oh, you betcha—those adorable side-swept bangs from your MySpace days are making a comeback, and we’re here for it. I’ve flirted with this style a few times over the years, and it’s the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern flair.

Flatter Yourself: Face-Framing Medium Cut

Face-Framing Medium Cut
@shojihairny via Instagram

If you’ve got killer cheekbones (or want to pretend like you do), a face-framing cut is your BFF. Your face is your best asset, so why not frame it like a masterpiece?

Get Your Glow On Balayage Blonde Curls

Balayaged Blonde Curls
@desireealyssahair via Instagram

Nothing brings your curls to life like a touch of balayage. I recently tried it, and the subtle, hand-painted highlights made my curls pop like champagne bubbles. Consider it the hair equivalent of a glow-up.

Straight Up Stylish: Textured Straight Cut

Textured Straight Cut
@volkan.hncal.01 via Instagram

Straight hair doesn’t have to be a snore-fest. You can give your locks the volume and life they deserve with a bit of texture. My go-to? I use a texturizing spray and a quick fluff with my fingers. Voila!

Pop Punk Princess: Long Side-swept Bangs

Long Sideswept Bangs
@americanasalon via Instagram

Channel your inner Avril with some long, side-swept bangs. I rocked this look in my rebellious teens, and let me tell you, it’s just as fun now as it was then. It adds an edge without committing to a full chop.

Tease Me: Rooty Face-Framing Cut

Rooty Face-Framing Cut
@mariasimarro_hair via Instagram

Once you try this half-up, half-down style with two golden highlights framing your face, you’ll be selfie-ready 24/7. It’s flirty, it’s fun, and it’s oh-so-fabulous.

The Low-Key Beauty: Long Layers

Long Layers
@caitlinbesshair via Instagram

If you’re the kind of person who wants to look effortlessly stunning without actually putting in the effort, long layers are your jam. They add the right amount of “oomph” to keep things from going flat.

Ponytail with a Twist: Textured Blonde Ponytail

Textured Blonde Ponytail
@boutiquebride via Instagram

Okay, it’s not a cut, but let’s talk ponytails. Medium-length hair gives you the perfect canvas for a textured pony that’s a little bit sweet, a little bit sassy, and 100% gorgeous.

Keep It Simple: Classic Medium Length

Classic Medium Length
@kelseycurtis.stylist via Instagram

You can’t go wrong with a layer-free cut if you’re the low-maintenance type (and hey, no judgment). The length gives you tons of styling options without the fuss of layers.

The Chic Angler: Angled Collarbone Cut

Angled Collarbone Cut
@styled_by_carolynn via Instagram

I love this cut because it resembles a modern twist on the classic bob. It’s edgy without being too out there, and let me tell you, it does wonders for your collarbones!

Smooth Operator: Sleek Ash Blonde Hair

Sleek Ash Blonde Hair
@blondeboudoir via Instagram

For a sleek and sultry look, ash blonde with subtle highlights and lowlights is where it’s at. And a titanium glaze? Honey, you’ll look like you just stepped off the runway.

Sweet as Strawberry: Shoulder-Grazing Strawberry Shag

Shoulder-Grazing Strawberry Shag
@flaxen.and.ash via Instagram

Rose gold isn’t just for your jewelry; it can also be a stunning hair color. Paired with a shaggy cut, it’s a style that turns heads but still feels authentically you.

Shine Bright: Blunt Cut White Gold Lob

Blunt Cut White Gold Lob
@gabbyrosehair via Instagram

Worried about your hair looking dull? A blunt cut gives your locks weight and shine, especially when you go for a pale, white gold color. Keep things interesting with a side part—I swear by it.

Heavenly Hair: Shaggy Fade

Shaggy Fade
@gabbyrosehair via Instagram

Brighten those tips and keep your roots dark for a low-maintenance style that still feels heavenly. This is my go-to look when I want something new but want to keep all the length.

Two-Tone Trendsetter: Bi-Color Blonde with Bangs

Bi-Color Blonde with Bangs
@aaashleee via Instagram

Feeling a little daring? Try a high-contrast ombre. If you’re a natural dirty blonde like me, it’s a breeze to lighten. Add in some rainbow bangs, and you have a look as bold as you are.

So, there you have it, folks! Whether you’re a low-key lounger or a glam goddess, a medium-length blonde style is here for you. Get out there and make those hair dreams a reality!

My Top Tips For Medium-Length Blonde Hair?

  1. Purple Shampoo is Your BFF – You’ll want to invest in a good purple shampoo to keep your blonde from veering into yellow or brassy territory. Use it once a week, and you’ll notice your color staying as fresh as the day you walked out of the salon.
  2. Regular Trims – Medium-length hair has a knack for showing split ends, so keep things looking polished with regular trims every 6-8 weeks. You’ve got that fabulous cut; let’s keep it in shape!
  3. Deep Conditioning – Blonde hair, especially if it’s color-treated, can get dry real quick. Treat your tresses to a deep conditioning session at least once a week. Your hair will thank you with shine and bounce.
  4. Heat Protection – If you’re into heat styling, use a heat protectant spray. It’s a small step that makes a big difference in preventing damage. Without it, I wouldn’t dream of using my flat iron or curling wand!
  5. Mind Your Water – Consider getting a shower filter if you live in an area with hard water. Hard water can leave mineral deposits that dull your color. A filter will help maintain that bright, vibrant blonde we all love.
  6. Sun Protection – Just like your skin, your hair needs protection from the sun. Less UV exposure can mess with your color. Look for hair products that offer UV protection, or throw on a cute hat when you’re soaking up those rays.
  7. Don’t Overwash – Last but not least, avoid washing your hair daily. Overwashing can strip your hair of natural oils and fade your color faster. Stick to 2-3 times a week for optimal freshness.

My Top Tips To Update Your Medium-Length Hair Mid-Season

  1. Add Some Layers – If you started the season with a one-length cut, consider adding some soft layers. A few snips can add movement and dimension, making your style look completely rejuvenated. Trust me, I did this last summer, and it was like a breath of fresh air for my tresses.
  2. Experiment with Bangs – Bangs can drastically change your look without affecting the overall length of your hair. Whether it’s curtain bangs, side-swept, or even a bold blunt cut, a new fringe can revitalize your mid-season mane. And if you hate them, they’ll grow out, no biggie!
  3. Play with Color – If you’ve been rocking a solid hue, how about introducing some highlights or lowlights? They can add depth to your hairstyle and are pretty low-commitment. I personally love adding some sun-kissed highlights for a natural, “I just spent a week at the beach” look.
  4. Texture Change-Up – Straight hair? Add some curls or waves. Curly hair? Try a sleek, straightened look. Sometimes changing your texture—even temporarily—can give you a completely new vibe. Pro tip: Use a heat protectant spray. Your hair will thank you later.
  5. Switch Your Part – Something as simple as switching your part can make your hairstyle look like it’s been reinvented. If you normally part your hair in the middle, try a deep side part for a sultrier look. I did this for a date night, and let’s just say, it was a hit!
  6. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize! – Sometimes all you need is the right accessory to change things up. Hairpins, clips, or even a trendy scarf can take your medium-length hair from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ in a matter of seconds.

So there you have it—my go-to tips for keeping your medium-length hairstyle fresh and exciting all season long. Who says you need a total chop to feel like a brand-new you? Happy styling!

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Alright, beauties, that’s a wrap on our whirlwind tour of medium-length blonde hairstyles! From the nostalgic return of side-swept bangs to the ethereal magic of a shaggy fade, there’s a little something for everyone. My top tip? Feel free to mix it up! Medium-length hair is basically the Swiss Army knife of styles—super versatile and ready for any adventure. A fresh cut or playful color can make all the difference if you’re itching for a change. So book that salon appointment, and let your hair do the talking. Until next time, keep shining you gorgeous humans!

Feature Image Photo By @HAIRBYMCKENZIE.XX via Instagram

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