35 Copper Hair Color Ideas to Spice Up Your Look in 2024

by Zoe Scott
Seamless Copper Transition

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Today we’re diving into the world of copper hair today, and let me tell you, it’s more than just a trend—it’s a statement. Whether you’re considering taking the plunge into redhead territory or are already rocking the copper look, this post is your ultimate guide to making it work. We’ll discuss shades, maintenance, and how to complement them with your makeup and wardrobe. Trust me, Copper isn’t one-size-fits-all; it’s about finding the perfect hue that fires your soul (and hair)! So grab a seat, and let’s get that mane looking like a masterpiece.

The Soft Glow: Dusty Light Copper Hair Color

Dusty Light Copper Hair Color
@elodiedreams via Instagram

Let’s kick things off with dusty light Copper. If you’ve ever been afraid that Copper might come off too strong, this chill cousin ease you in. Think of it as red with a whisper of strawberry. I tried this shade once during my “subtle yet chic” phase, and let me tell you, it’s like your hair but with a soft Instagram filter.

The Bold Yet Understated: Dark Copper Hair Color with Depth

Dark Copper Hair Color with Depth
@hairbylisamathews via Instagram

Deep, dark Copper is like chocolate brown. I had a love affair with traditional Copper. I call this the “chameleon color” because the brown anchors the look as the Copper naturally washes out. It’s a win-win if you love experimenting and want longevity in a style.

The Cream of the Crop: Creamy Copper Hair Color with Highlights

Creamy Copper Hair Color with Highlights
@michele.anna.hair via Instagram

Money pieces and light streaks in Copper are the hair equivalent of an Oscar win. I’ve had this done for an event, and people couldn’t stop staring—seriously, it’s that eye-catching.

Copper 101: Metallic Copper for Beginners

Metallic Copper for Beginners
@salon4074 via Instagram

New to the Copper Game? Go for a metallic hue that’s a bit softer. Soft doesn’t have to mean boring—add a metallic sheen, and you’re already runway-ready. I recommend this for anyone still on the fence about going full-on Copper.

The Daydream: Soft Copper Blonde Hair Color

Soft Copper Blonde Hair Color
@thefringefairy via Instagram

Soft copper blonde is as dreamy as it sounds. It’s like rose gold, and Copper had a beautiful baby. Perfect if you want to experiment with color without stealing the limelight.

The Sultry Shade: Darker Side of Copper Bronze Hair Color

Darker Side of Copper Bronze Hair Color
@mosh.lk via Instagram

If you’re a brunette wanting to add a splash of color, go for copper bronze. The darker brown tones are the perfect backdrop for that rich Copper to pop. I went with this during my “moody winter vibes” phase, and it was a hit.

The Showstopper: Flaming Highlights on Brown Base

Flaming Highlights on Brown Base
@hairby_melc via Instagram

Want to add instant dimension to your hair? Copper highlights on a brown base do just the trick. It’s like your hair, but in HD.

All-Out Glamour: Shiny Copper Waves with a Boost of Red

Shiny Copper Waves with a Boost of Red
@rainbowroomhairstudio via Instagram

This shade screams glamour and confidence. With hues that verge on the scarlet side of things, your hair will be the talk of the town—or at least the talk of the Instagram feed.

Face-Framing Beauty: Deep Brown with Copper Highlights

Deep Brown with Copper Highlights
@theblowbarr via Instagram

If you’re all about framing that beautiful face of yours, splashes of Copper on a brown base will do just that. The repeated red accents add a depth that’s hard to understand.

The Glow-Up: Apricot Highlights on Warm Brown Waves

Apricot Highlights on Warm Brown Waves
@westbrook_salon via Instagram

Want to know a secret? Lighter shades reflect light better. These apricot highlights on a dark brown base are like tiny, shimmering spotlights for your hair.

Dimension for Days: Streaky Copper Colored Hair

Streaky Copper Colored Hair
@brandeestylesbeautybar via Instagram

Intense copper streaks on a chestnut base will light your look on fire if you’re all about that dimension. The glossiness? Show-stopping.

The Elegant Mix: Copper Balayage with Rosewood Feel

Copper Balayage with Rosewood Feel
@balayage.and.blush via Instagram

This subtle balayage combines Copper, auburn, and even burgundy hues for a look that’s both elegant and full of depth. I got this done last autumn, and the compliments rolled in like leaves on a windy day.

Go Big or Go Home: One-Color Copper Ginger Hair

One-Color Copper Ginger Hair
@herahairbeauty via Instagram

Ginger hair can sometimes lack depth, especially on straight hair. Add a dash of metallic red, and you’ve got yourself a vibrant and rich shade.

The Subtle Sparkle: Dark Copper Hair with Barely-There Highlights

Dark Copper Hair with Barely-There Highlights.
@jojohairaffair via Instagram

Sometimes, less is more. At first glance, this look might seem monochromatic, but those fine highlights around the face can elevate your copper hair game to the next level.

Carrot Top Chic: Copper Orange Hair Color with Subtle Money Piece

Copper Orange Hair Color with Subtle Money Piece
@paulmitchellpro via Instagram

Hey, all you adventurous souls with fair skin and pink undertones! This copper-orange vibe with a subtle money piece is what fairy tales are made of. I’ve rocked this one for a summer music festival, and the compliments were endless.

Go Bold or Go Home: Burnt Orange Copper Hair

Burnt Orange Copper Hair
@marlowhair via Instagram

For the audacious among us, burnt orange Copper is a head-turner. But let’s get real: this fierce hue demands commitment. Weekly color-protecting treatments are your besties here, so if you’re ready for the upkeep, prepare to slay!

The Elegant Affair: No-Frills Copper Brown Hair

No-Frills Copper Brown Hair
@colormeamberr_ via Instagram

Listen, if you’re blessed with an olive or tan complexion, this understated Copper brown has your name on it. It’s the kind of color that turns heads but in a sophisticated, “who is she?” kind of way.

Fiery Fiesta: Fierce Copper Hair with Highlights

Fierce Copper Hair with Highlights
@_watchmepaint via Instagram

Starting with a rich mahogany base, we’re cranking the heat with fiery red streaks. This style is like the smoldering bonfire embers, perfect for those who want to keep the roots a bit subdued but go all out on the tips.

Paint it Red: Red Brick Waves with Light Copper Ribbons

Red Brick Waves with Light Copper Ribbons
@salonlinola via Instagram

This style is an art piece with contrasting flows of light and dark reds. It’s as if your locks were kissed by the setting sun, illuminating your face in the most flattering way.

The Goldilocks Zone: Balanced Copper Red Hair

Balanced Copper Red Hair
@toniandguybahrain via Instagram

Indecisive about your skin’s undertones? Don’t fret. This balanced shade has just the right mix of red and gold, making it universally flattering. Trust me, you can’t go wrong here.

Glow Up: Deep and Warm Copper for Long Locs

Deep and Warm Copper for Long Locs
@labellaboutiquehairsalon via Instagram

Some gals get it right, like choosing a copper shade that makes their golden undertones shine. If your complexion has those golden hints, this deep and warm Copper will make your skin glow like the afternoon sun.

Depth Perception: Shadow Roots with Hot Copper Hair

Shadow Roots with Hot Copper Hair
@ellierosehairstudio via Instagram

Who said shadow roots are just for blondes? Adding depth to your bright ginger mane, shadow roots are stunning and a time-saver between salon visits.

Sweet Sensation: Light Copper Hair with a Chocolate Base

Light Copper Hair with Chocolate Base
@mollymoonsalon via Instagram

This is the hair equivalent of a chocolate sundae with caramel sauce. The base starts as a delicious chocolate brown that gracefully melts into a light copper, sprinkled with darker streaks for dimension.

The Rosy Outlook: Bright Copper with an Orange-Red Tinge

Bright Copper with an Orange-Red Tinge
@hairbyravenc via Instagram

Fair-skinned beauties, this one’s for you. The bright Copper brings out a flattering contrast, while the added red hues emphasize your natural rosiness. This shade made me fall in love with copper tones in the first place.

Cozy Up with Fall-Perfect Copper Hair

Copper Hair for Fall
@miya.martinez via Instagram

Nothing says “sweater weather” like the mulled wine tones of this copper balayage. It’s the hair equivalent of sipping a warm pumpkin latte wrapped in a cozy scarf. I’ve tried this look a couple of times during fall, and trust me, it spices up your style faster than you can say “autumn leaves.”

Blondes Have More Fun—With Copper!

Naturally-Looking Copper Blonde Hair
@hairwithkeeks via Instagram

Who said Copper is a brunette’s game? Blondes can get in on the action, too. Picture a medium blonde base jazzed up with some soft red hues. It’s like strawberry blonde’s laid-back cousin. It was my go-to during my blonde days, and oh boy, it was a vibe!

Low-Maintenance Brilliance: Copper with Root Smudge

Brilliant Copper with Root Smudge
@hair.by.amy via Instagram

We all love radiant, glossy Copper, but what about the upkeep? Enter the root smudge technique—a neutral brown at the roots gives you a low-maintenance look without sacrificing the wow factor. When I tried this, my color lasted longer, and the grow-out was less noticeable.

Radiance Overload: Rich and Shiny Copper Red Hair

Rich and Shiny Copper Red Hair Color
@taboohairstudio via Instagram

Looking for a dynamic Copper with a capital D? This shade features light golden and deeper red hues, giving you dimension without the foil lines. This color is so smooth and blended that people will think you woke up like this.

The Best of Both Worlds: Contrasting Copper and Blonde

Contrasting Copper and Blonde Combo
@lakmecolour via Instagram

Why not mix golden blonde bands in the front for a fun twist? It frames your face beautifully and adds a dash of interest. Trust me, take a photo of this style to your stylist. Describing copper shades can be tricky, but a picture is worth a thousand words.

The Real Deal: True Copper Hair

True Copper Hair
@carmencarmensalonofficial via Instagram

If you’re going for red that stops traffic, look no further than true Copper. It’s vivid, warm, and oh-so-striking. Last year, I rocked this shade, and let me tell you—it lit up my complexion in all the right ways.

Sultry and Sensational: Dark Copper

Dark Copper
@beautyybyjm_ via Instagram

Dark Copper is for those who love richness and depth in their color. Flip out those ends with a flat iron and welcome yourself to the Vixen Club. It’s as glamorous as it gets!

Taking Baby Steps: Light Penny Hair

Light Penny Hair
@fringechicago via Instagram

For red-haired rookies, I recommend the shade I call “light penny.” It’s like dipping your toes into the redhead pool without diving head-first. Easy to maintain but still packing a punch!

Temptation in a Shade: Copper Brown Hair

Copper Brown Hair
@curtiscolorshair via Instagram

If your style mantra is “Go big or go home,” copper brown, cherry chocolate is your jam. It’s a must-try for medium or neutral skin tones. A quick spritz of Redken Shine Flash Hairspray will have that sheen shining brighter than a new penny.

The Artful Blend: Seamless Copper Transition

Seamless Copper Transition
@alicalibicennn via Instagram

Fancy a blend of reddish and yellowish tones? This works wonders for balancing your skin’s undertones. It’s like your hair is doing all the complex work while you get to look effortlessly gorgeous.

Play It Safe, But Make It Fashion: Copper Highlights

Copper with Highlights
@simonstylesco via Instagram

Still hesitant about a full head of color? No worries. Copper highlights are your low-risk gateway into the world of vibrant hair. They give depth and dimension to brown hair, offering a subtle change that still feels significant.

So whether you’re a hair color newbie or a seasoned dye-hard, there’s a shade of Copper out there with your name on it. Get ready to turn heads and drop jaws because Copper is the new black! Happy coloring!

My Makeup And Wardrobe Styles Tips To Complement Copper Hair? 

If you’ve taken the plunge into the copper hair realm, get ready to elevate your whole look! Now, the game is all about matching your makeup and wardrobe to that show-stopping mane of yours. Let’s dig in:


  1. Earthy Eyeshadows: Think bronze, gold, and earthy greens. These shades harmonize beautifully with copper hair and bring out its vibrancy.
  2. Bold Brows: Don’t let your hair steal all the focus. Use a brow pencil a shade darker than your natural color to frame your face well.
  3. Peachy Blush: Go for warm blush tones like peach or coral. They complement your hair’s warm tones and give you that fresh, sun-kissed look.
  4. Lip Shades: When it comes to lips, you can’t go wrong with nudes, soft pinks, and even deep reds for a more dramatic evening look. Avoid too-bright pinks and oranges, as they might clash with your hair.
  5. Classic Winged Liner: A simple black winged liner can provide a beautiful contrast, making your eyes and hair pop.


  1. Jewel Tones: Emerald, ruby, and deep purples will be your best friends. They contrast nicely with copper hair and make it stand out more.
  2. Denim: A good jean jacket or some well-fitted jeans can neutralize the brightness of your hair while keeping you looking chic.
  3. Avoid Bright Yellows and Oranges: These colors can clash with your hair and make everything look too busy.
  4. Cream and Beige: Neutral tones offer a clean canvas that allows your hair to be the show’s star.
  5. Metallic Accents: Regarding accessories, gold can be a knockout with copper hair, although rose gold also has moments for a more subdued look.

Remember, the key to slaying any look is confidence. So, wear what makes you feel good because a happy glow pairs well with any shade of Copper. Happy styling, lovelies!

My Tips For Maintaining Copper Hair Color

Haircare Products

  1. Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner: This is a no-brainer. Opt for sulfate-free, color-protecting products to keep your copper color vibrant longer.
  2. Purple Shampoo: Use this once a week to keep your copper hue from turning too brassy. Just don’t overdo it—nobody’s going for lavender locks here.

Hair Treatments

  1. Deep Conditioning: Your hair’s been through a lot, so show it some love with a deep-conditioning treatment every week. This will keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant.
  2. Color Refreshers: There are conditioners out there with a tint of Copper to boost your color between salon visits. A lifesaver when you start to fade!

Everyday Tips

  1. Minimize Heat Styling: Heat can strip your hair of color and moisture, making it look faded and distressed. Use a heat protectant spray if you can’t live without your styling tools.
  2. Wash Less, Dry Shampoo More: The less you wash, the longer your color will last. And trust me, dry shampoo will be your new BFF.
  3. Sun Protection: UV rays are not your friend when maintaining that copper goodness. Wear a hat or UV-protecting hair spray if you’ll be out in the sun.
  4. Cold Water Rinse: It may not be the most pleasant experience, but rinsing your hair with cold water at the end of your shower can help seal the color and make it last longer.
  5. Regular Trims: Sounds counterintuitive, but removing those split ends can make your color appear more vibrant.

And there you have it! Incorporate these tips into your routine, and you’ll turn heads with that stunning copper hair for weeks. Go ahead and show off that mesmerizing mane! 

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


And there you have it, your ultimate guide to copper hair as fiery as your personality! Whether taking baby steps into the redhead world with subtle highlights or going full-on flame with true Copper, this hue has something for everyone. My personal fave? The low-maintenance Copper with a root smudge; it’s like the “I woke up like this” of hair colors. Finding the right shade is like choosing the perfect red lipstick—it’s all about your skin tone and undertones. So grab a pic of your dream copper shade, head to your stylist, and prepare to turn some heads. Happy coloring, you gorgeous soon-to-be copperheads!

Feature Image Photo By @alicalibicennn via Instagram

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