35 Strawberry Blonde Hair Ideas to Try in 2024

by Zoe Scott
Strawberry Blonde Hair

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Today, we’re diving into the world of strawberry blonde hair, a color that’s as luscious and tempting as it sounds. You’re in the right place if you’ve been craving a look that blends red’s fiery energy and blonde’s sunny disposition. In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know, from the perfect shade to complement your skin tone to maintaining that gorgeous hue.

I’ve rocked strawberry blonde locks myself, and let me tell you—this color brings a whole new radiance to your look. But choosing the right shade and maintenance routine is vital. So stick around, and let’s unravel the secrets to achieving the strawberry blonde hair of your dreams!

Natural Vibes with Strawberry Blonde

Natural Vibes with Strawberry Blonde
@fawnandfoxsalon via Instagram

Who says you need chemicals to look divine? Natural strawberry blonde hair is the epitome of effortless beauty. This look seems like you were born with it, requiring minimal upkeep. Celebs are all over this, and for a good reason. To complete this effortless style, opt for peachy-toned makeup to keep that sunkissed vibe alive.

Fiery Flourish: Bright Strawberry Curly Hair

Bright Strawberry Curly Hair

If you like to make a statement, vibrant strawberry curls are your jam. I’ve been there, and let me tell you, it’s liberating. Just remember to invest in high-quality hair products, especially if you have naturally textured hair. Keep those curls popping with a diffuser and an excellent defining cream.

Up Your Game: Strawberry Blonde Updo

Strawberry Blonde Updo
@ameenbarakatofficial via Instagram

Whether it’s a black-tie event or just another day, a strawberry blonde updo offers a mix of elegance and flair. From messy buns to braided crowns, the options are endless. The braided crown is a personal favorite—it makes me feel like a boho goddess.

Keep It Fresh: Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Strawberry Blonde Ombre
@hairbyangelaalberici via Instagram

Ombre is your best friend if you’re looking for low-maintenance but high-impact. The gradual lightening towards the ends creates an illusion of volume and spares you frequent salon visits. My ombre only needed a touch-up every two months, making it perfect for my busy schedule.

Contrasting Beauty: Dark Blonde with Strawberry Highlights

Dark Blonde with Strawberry Highlights
@rishesse_salon.spa.academy via Instagram

Consider adding strawberry highlights if you’re a dark blonde and have ever thought about switching it up. It adds dimension and a subtle sunkissed glow that’s irresistible. I tried this last fall, and it was a season highlight—no pun intended.

Light and Effortless: Strawberry Blonde Wavy Hair

Strawberry Blonde Wavy Hair
@sarahmgdoeshair via Instagram

Light strawberry blonde wavy hair is a dream for my fair and neutral-skinned beauties. This color has a warm, almost golden hue, enhancing your hair’s texture. To get that glossy finish, make sure you use a defining product.

Glam Central: Glamorous Strawberry Blonde Curls

Strawberry Blonde Curls
@cozyconfidenceco via Instagram

When you think of big, loose curls, think glamorous strawberry blonde. It’s a hairstyle that can effortlessly make you feel like a Hollywood star. Perfect for special occasions, you can wear these curls for a polished or more relaxed look.

Sleek and Chic: Straight Strawberry Blonde

Straight Strawberry Blonde
@karencurryhair via Instagram

This is your go-to formal look. I love how sleek strawberry blonde hair pairs with almost any neckline, making your ensemble choices easier. Play around with clothing colors to match or contrast with your beautiful locks.

The Braided Beauty: Long Strawberry Blonde with a Braid

Long Strawberry Blonde with a Braid
@tmavy_salma via Instagram

Braids are always a win-win, offering many options to express yourself. Whether you go for a dreamy, loose braid or a tight, polished one, the result is always chic. Strawberry blonde and braids are a match made in hair heaven.

A Dash of Strawberry: Blonde with Highlights

Blonde with Highlights
@hairmachineglenelg via Instagram

If you’re a blonde looking for a seasonal update, consider adding strawberry blonde highlights. It’s a summer favorite that adds a little contrast without compromising your blonde base.

Go For Platinum Highlights On Dark Strawberry Blonde

Dark Strawberry Blonde

Here’s the tea: if you’re looking for a bit of dimension, mix some platinum blonde highlights into your dark strawberry base. The high contrast is the chef’s kiss! Platinum upkeep can be high-maintenance (hello, salon visits), but the outcome is worth it. This combo looks divine, especially on cool skin tones.

The ’90s are Back: Crimped Hair, Baby!

Crimped Hair, Baby!
@colormeamberr_ via Instagram

Alright, bring out your old crimping iron because crimped hair is back and fabulous. Throw in some strawberry blonde highlights, and you’ve got yourself a trendy, voluminous’ do. It’s a bit daring, but if you’ve got the confidence, you’ve got the look!

The Timeless Blonde Bob with a Strawberry Twist

Blonde Bob with a Strawberry Twist
@latesthair via Instagram

Okay, who has yet to toy with the idea of a bob at some point? They’re classic, they’re cute, and let’s face it, they’re low-maintenance. Add some strawberry highlights to a blonde bob; voila, you’re suddenly the most extraordinary person in the room. It’s like the bob was made to be paired with these warm tones. Just give your hair a quick tousle with your fingers to keep things playful. Easy-peasy, right?

Amp Up Your Look with Elegant Extensions

Strawberry Blonde Hair With Extensions
@emillyhadrillhairextensions via Instagram

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of long, flowing hair at some point? That’s where extensions come in. Especially if you’re someone who struggles with hair growth, extensions can be a game-changer. Opt for strawberry blonde extensions to really make your mane sing. So many styles, so little time!

Dream in Platinum and Strawberry

Platinum Blonde with Strawberry Highlights
@shicandyhair via Instagram

I’ve got another stunning combo for you—platinum blonde with strawberry highlights. If you’re fair or have a medium skin tone, try this look at least once. And don’t be shy with your makeup; light pinks and peachy tones will bring out the dreamy in this hair color.

The Enchantment of Golden Strawberry Blonde

Golden Strawberry Blonde
@evolvesalonsystems via Instagram

Let’s talk golden strawberry blonde if you’re more about rich, warm hues. It adds an instant glow to your face—like you’re permanently standing in golden-hour lighting. Curl, straighten, or leave it natural; this versatile hue doesn’t discriminate.

Strawberry Highlights on Light-Blonde Hair

Strawberry Highlights on Light-Blonde Hair
@brianna.w.hair via Instagram

Are you feeling adventurous? Consider adding strawberry blonde highlights to your light blonde hair. I love how it creates a lovely contrast while keeping things subtle. And, if you want to really jazz things up, match your lipstick to your highlights. Why? Because you can, that’s why!

The Charm of Medium-Length Wavy Hair

Strawberry Medium Length Wavy Hair
@nunzio_nyc1 via Instagram

Let’s chat about medium-length wavy hair. It’s the best of both worlds—long enough for various styles yet short enough to be manageable. Add a strawberry blonde dash, and you’re turning heads left and right.

The Allure of Long, Strawberry Blonde Straight Hair

Strawberry Blonde Straight Hair
@emstudiosalon via Instagram

Oh, the luxury of long, luscious locks! Combine that with strawberry blonde, and you’ve got yourself a real showstopper. Long hair needs a bit more TLC, and coloring might be a splurge, but it is worth it. You channel your inner goddess when you let that strawberry blonde flow straight down. Trust me, I’ve done it and felt like a million bucks walking down the street, catching the sunlight just right. It’s simply mesmerizing!

Get That Fresh-off-the-Beach Look with Strawberry Blonde Waves

Strawberry Blonde Waves
@amazing_beautiful_you_salon via Instagram

Nothing screams ‘effortlessly chic’ like beach waves, especially in a gorgeous strawberry blonde hue. Whether you have naturally wavy hair or you’re reaching for that curling wand, this style is a summer dream. My little secret? A spritz of salt spray for that authentic, just-stepped-off-the-sand vibe. I swear, it’s like a vacation in a bottle!

Strawberry Blonde with a Twist

Strawberry Blonde with a Twist
@eme.hair via Instagram

Long hair offers a playground of styling options, but adding layers to your strawberry blonde mane? A game changer. Layers introduce movement volume and can be a lifesaver for those with super thick or ultra-fine hair. When I first got my layers, I couldn’t believe how much quicker my styling routine became. It’s a versatile look serves effortless glam and casual cool equally well.

Keeping it Real with Natural-Looking Strawberry Blonde

Natural-Looking Strawberry Blonde
@adelatelier via Instagram

There’s beauty in subtlety; if you’re going for a less-is-more vibe, natural-looking strawberry blonde is your jam. Steering clear of extreme contrasts in highlights or lowlights is the key. For my pals with straight hair, remember that your color shows off more distinctly, so consult your stylist for a lighter touch when it comes to application. Let’s say the aim is for people to wonder, “Is she or isn’t she?”

Braids for Days: Light Strawberry Blonde Edition

Light Strawberry Blonde Braided Hair
@joico via Instagram

Summer vibes come easy with light strawberry blonde, and what better way to showcase it than through braids? From the classic Dutch braid to a chic halo braid, you’re only limited by your creativity. Braids aren’t just pretty; they’re also protective and can help your hair grow longer and more robust. My go-to for a garden party is a loose, delicate braid adorned with tiny flowers.

Boho Chic: Strawberry Blonde Braids with Flair

Strawberry Blonde Braids
@stephaniegardnerstyles via Instagram

Strawberry blonde is like a blank canvas that welcomes additional hues like caramel or pink highlights. How about adding some flower accessories for that boho feel? A bit of intentional messiness gives it that relaxed, carefree finish. Perfect for music festivals or lazy Sunday picnics!

Sunkissed Perfection: Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry Blonde Balayage
@hair.by.jessv via Instagram

I can’t talk enough about the magic of balayage, especially when paired with a strawberry blonde. It’s like having the summer sun permanently kissing your hair. The technique involves vertically sweeping the color onto your hair; voila, you’re left with a multi-dimensional masterpiece. It’s a look that radiates natural beauty and feels oh-so-fresh.

Bold and Beautiful: Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde

Rose Gold Strawberry Blonde
@zzariboutique via Instagram

Who said you have to stick to one hue? Rose gold is the answer for those who like their strawberry blonde with a twist. This color is a guaranteed head-turner and works wonderfully with darker eyes and skin tones. Fair warning, though: the color does fade fast. But hey, all good things require a little upkeep, right?

The Retro Chic: Strawberry Blonde with Bangs

Strawberry Blonde with Bangs

Bangs and strawberry blonde hair—talk about a nostalgic ’70s vibe. If you’re tired of your regular look and want to spice things up, adding a fringe could be your next move. A word to the wise: consider your face shape and forehead size before making the cut. I learned this the hard way, so you don’t have to. Bangs can totally redefine your look, adding that playful touch.

The Sleek Goddess: Straight Strawberry Blonde

Straight Strawberry Blonde
@revlonprofessionalaustralia via Instagram

The Dreamy Realm of Strawberry Red Wavy Hair

Strawberry Red Wavy Hair
@joemaryrodriguezhairstylist via Instagram

Let’s talk about that gorgeous blend of blonde and red—strawberry blonde. It’s neither entirely red nor fully blonde but a magical mix of the two. If you’re yearning for a look that’s equal parts luxurious and eye-catching, long, wavy, strawberry-red hair is the way to go. I rocked this look last summer, and it was a hit, especially for us fair-skinned, light-eyed folks. Waves add that extra drama, making it a perfect blend of elegance and flair.

Warmth and Depth: Copper Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Copper Strawberry Blonde Balayage
@jcarcolor via Instagram

Copper tones add a unique richness to strawberry blonde, creating an irresistible blend of red and bronze. For a more subtle look, incorporate some blonde highlights that frame your face or are scattered throughout. It’s a warm, inviting style perfect for those chilly fall months.

Double Trouble: Two-Tone Strawberry Blonde

Two-Tone Strawberry Blonde
@modesty.hmua via Instagram

Ready to make a bold statement? The two-tone strawberry blonde will make you the center of attention, and I’m all for it. Go for a blended look with blonde or something more dramatic, like dark red. Strategic highlights can emphasize your best facial features, and you’ll surely catch more than a few admiring glances. I’ve tried this look before a big event; let me tell you, it’s a confidence booster like no other.

The Textured Stunner: Wavy Copper Strawberry Blonde with Highlights

Wavy Copper Strawberry Blonde with Highlights
@thestrawberryblonder via Instagram

Let’s talk wavy copper strawberry blonde—every bit as fabulous as it sounds. This blend of red and bronze tones adds depth to your look. Adding blonde highlights modernizes the style and gives an Instagrammable touch. I couldn’t stop snapping selfies when I had this hairdo.

Boho Dream: Relaxed Strawberry Blonde

Relaxed Strawberry Blonde
@madi.v.artistry via Instagram

Who doesn’t love a boho look? Strawberry blonde can be styled in a free-flowing, tousled manner, making you look like the ultimate carefree spirit. From crown braids to messy side braids, this color makes every style swoon-worthy.

The Magic of Short Strawberry Blonde Hair

 Short Strawberry Blonde Hair
@societysalons via Instagram

Have you ever thought about going strawberry blonde but worried you need long Rapunzel locks to pull it off? Think again! Short strawberry blonde hair is like sunshine on a cloudy day—so vibrant yet chill. I chopped my hair into a pixie last summer, and let me tell you, the shorter style actually made the color pop even more. The best part? It’s a time-saver! Less hair, less time fussing with it. It’s a win-win.

Fall In Love With A Natural Side Part

Fall In Love With A Natural Side Part
@elladavidsalon via Instagram

One of my go-to looks is the natural side part with strawberry blonde hues. Whether you’re a curly girl or rockin’ the straight tresses, a side part adds extra oomph. Trust me, this simple shift will beautifully frame your face and accentuate those cheekbones. Who doesn’t want their bone structure to be the star of the show?

My Top Tips To Match The Right Shade Of Strawberry Blonde To Complement My Skin Tone

Choosing the right shade of strawberry blonde that flatters your skin tone is like nailing the perfect selfie angle—it just elevates everything! So, let’s dig in:

  1. For Fair and Cool-Toned Skin – If your skin has cool undertones and you’re paler, you should gravitate towards lighter shades of strawberry blonde with cooler undertones. Think icy strawberry that’s more on the platinum side, with hints of rose gold. Trust me, it’ll make your skin glow like you’ve got a permanent filter on.
  2. For Medium and Warm-Toned Skin – For those with medium or olive skin with warm undertones, you’ll look fab in more affluent, deeper shades of strawberry blonde. I’m talking about golden strawberry blonde that’s more on the copper side. It’ll add warmth and dimension to your complexion, giving you that sunkissed, “just got back from vacation” look.
  3. For Dark and Cool-Toned Skin – You can rock strawberry blonde if you have darker skin with cool undertones, but it’s all about balance. Opt for a shade that’s richer and has more of a reddish undertone, like a deep strawberry. A balayage with these tones can also work wonders.
  4. For Dark and Warm-Toned Skin – If your skin is dark with warm undertones, a darker shade of strawberry that leans more towards copper will be jaw-droppingly stunning on you. A balayage technique can also give a more natural, graduated color that’ll complement your skin tone beautifully.
  5. Test the Waters First – One little hack I love is using a semi-permanent dye or even a colored hair spray to test out the shade before you commit. It’s like taking a new car for a test drive—you wanna make sure it’s the perfect fit for you!
  6. When In Doubt, Consult a Pro – Finally, if you’re unsure, a trip to a professional colorist who understands your hair type and skin tone is always a good idea. They’re the experts, after all!

7 Simple Steps For Keeping Strawberry Blonde Hair Looking Its Best

Keeping your strawberry blonde mane looking as fresh as the day you stepped out of the salon is totally doable—you need a game plan. So, grab your notepads or screenshots away because these tips are golden (or should I say strawberry golden?).

  1. Get the Right Products, Darling! – First, switch out that regular supermarket shampoo for a sulfate-free one. Sulfates are the enemy of color-treated hair—they strip away the color faster than you can say “strawberry blonde.” I swear by color-protecting shampoos; they help keep that shade vibrant for longer.
  2. Conditioner is Your New BFF – Always remember the power of a good conditioner. Your hair is more prone to dryness and damage post-coloring. I love using a color-protecting conditioner, but occasionally, I swap it out for a deep-conditioning mask. It’s like a spa day but for your hair.
  3. Say No to Hot Water – I know—a hot shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. But hot water opens the hair cuticle, allowing the color to wash away. Opt for lukewarm or cool water when washing your hair. Your color will thank you!
  4. Sun and Heat? Proceed with Caution – Protection is vital for heading out into the sun or planning to style your hair with heat. Use a UV-protectant spray for your hair when you’re out and about. For styling, a heat protectant spray will save your strands from damage. I love a good beach day like the next gal, but my sun hat is a non-negotiable accessory—it protects my scalp and color.
  5. Keep Up with the Touch-Ups – Even the best color job needs a refresh every so often. Depending on how fast your hair grows and how often you wash it, you’ll need a touch-up every 6-8 weeks. Pro tip: use a color-enhancing gloss between appointments to extend the life of your color. It’s a lifesaver!
  6. A Little Extra: Toners and Glosses – Using a toner can really prolong the life of your color. Opt for one that enhances the red and blonde tones in your hair. Hair glosses also add a shiny finish and can help blend the colors more naturally.
  7. Final Words: Love Your Hair – Your hair is an extension of you, so show it some love! The better you take care of it, the better it’ll look—simple as that.

6 Tips I Recommend For Adding A Dimension To Straight Strawberry-Blonde Hair Without Losing Its Sleekness

Having straight strawberry blonde hair is already a win, but adding some dimension while keeping it sleek is like having your cake and eating it, too. So, how can you elevate your look without turning it into a frizzy or overly textured mess? Let’s dive in!

  1. Subtle Highlights or Lowlights – A bit of color play can go a long way. Adding finely woven highlights or lowlights that are just a shade or two different from your base color can make a difference. They’ll catch the light differently and give your hair more depth without making it look overly busy or changing the texture. I once added subtle golden highlights to my strawberry blonde locks, and voila—it was like I’d spent a summer at the beach!
  2. Balayage for the Win – Balayage is your best friend for a more natural, sunkissed look. The technique allows for a softer, more blended color transition, adding depth without sacrificing sleekness. I’ve found that a soft blonde balayage can look particularly ethereal on strawberry blonde hair. Trust me; it’s a game-changer.
  3. Strategically Placed Layers – Believe it or not, a good cut can also add dimension. Consider adding some long, subtle layers. It won’t disrupt the straight, sleek look but will add lovely movement. The layers will allow the different tones in your hair to shine through, especially when the light hits it.
  4. Use a Shine Serum or Gloss – While this isn’t about color, a lightweight hair serum or gloss can add that final touch to make your hair look multi-dimensional. I use a lightweight argan oil serum, focusing on the ends and avoiding the roots to add that extra glossiness. It makes the colors in your hair pop more while maintaining that sleek look we all love.
  5. Switch Up Your Part – Something as simple as changing where you part your hair can add a ton of dimension. If you usually go for a middle part, try a deep side part for a change. It instantly adds volume and allows your highlights or lowlights to display themselves differently, thus adding dimension.
  6. Go for Occasional Waves – Okay, could you stick with me here? We’re talking about keeping things sleek, but adding some soft waves occasionally can give you a new appreciation for your straight hair. When you return to your naturally sleek style, it will look even more dimensional. I like to go wavy for special events and then relish my sleek look all the more afterward.

Still Looking for Inspiration, Then Check Out This Video


Alright, let’s wrap this strawberry blonde love fest up! Whether going for a laid-back beachy vibe or dialing up the drama with rose gold and copper tones, strawberry blonde is a versatile, stunning choice that allows you to express yourself in countless ways. My top tips? If you’re new to the game, start with a natural-looking balayage and work your way up. For the styling wizards, please don’t shy away from braids and layers; they’re like the cherry on top of your strawberry blonde sundae! Remember, your hair is your crown, so invest in good products to keep it shiny and healthy. Most importantly, have fun with it! Life’s too short for dull hair. Stay fabulous, everyone!

Feature Image Photo By 208balayagequeen on Instagram

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